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ERDDAP has an email/URL subscription system so that you can be notified immediately whenever
a dataset changes (for example, whenever new data is added to a near-real-time dataset).
The system can send you an email or contact a URL that you specify.
See also this comparison with ERDDAP's RSS subscription service.


Your request to add a subscription had one or more errors:

To add a (another) subscription, please fill out this form:
The easiest way to use this form is to click on an envelope icon Subscribe on an ERDDAP web page with
a list of datasets (at the far right), or on a dataset's Data Access Form or Make A Graph web page.
Then, the datasetID will be filled in for you.

The datasetID:  (required)
Your email address:  (required)
The URL/action:  ? (optional)

Then, ERDDAP will send you an email with a link to validate your request.

Don't abuse this system by entering someone else's email address!
If you do, you may be blocked from using ERDDAP. Your IP address will be included in the email
with the subscription invitation. So if you enter someone else's email address, the email recipient
and the ERDDAP administrator will be able to figure out that you did it.

Or, you can request an email with a list of your valid and pending subscriptions.

ERDDAP, Version 1.60
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