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[XML]  etopo180_fgdc.xml20-Jan-2020 22:2568276Topography, ETOPO1, 0.0166667 degrees, Global (longitude -180 to 180), (Ice Sheet Surface)
[XML]  etopo360_fgdc.xml20-Jan-2020 22:2568033Topography, ETOPO1, 0.0166667 degrees, Global (longitude 0 to 360), (Ice Sheet Surface)
[XML]  R1_x132_134_0089_ADCP_fgdc.xml20-Jan-2020 22:1034455ADCP - R1.x132.134:0089 - R/V Pelican: PE13-21 Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) Data, Gulf of Mexico, March 06-10, 2013
[XML]  R1_x134_073_0028_ADCP_fgdc.xml20-Jan-2020 22:1035063ADCP - R1.x134.073:0028 - Surfzone Coastal Oil Pathways Experiment (SCOPE) experiment, ADCP data collected from RV Calliope, Destin Inlet, Florida, December 2013
[XML]  R1_x137_000_0022_ADCP_fgdc.xml20-Jan-2020 22:1035092ADCP - R1.x137.000:0022 - High-temporal resolution current measurements from a bottom-mounted upward looking Nortek Signature55 ADCP, northern Gulf of Mexico, April 2015
[XML]  R1_x138_076_0008_ADCP_fgdc.xml20-Jan-2020 22:1034498ADCP - R1.x138.076:0008 - WB 1318 Underway events, interferometric sidescan sonar of sedimentary processes and benthic habitats, northern margin of the DeSoto Canyon, June 25-29, 2013

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