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   set  data   graph     TrajectoryProfile - R5.x279.000.0013 - wh300_short - 28.81N, 89.48W - 2018-06-21    ?   F   I   M   background (external link) RSS Subscribe TAMU R5_x279_000_0013_wh300_short

The Dataset's Variables and Attributes

Row Type Variable Name Attribute Name Data Type Value
attribute NC_GLOBAL cdm_data_type String TrajectoryProfile
attribute NC_GLOBAL cdm_profile_variables String time
attribute NC_GLOBAL cdm_trajectory_variables String trajectory, latitude, longitude
attribute NC_GLOBAL comment String software: pycurrents
attribute NC_GLOBAL comment1 String CODAS_variables
attribute NC_GLOBAL comment2 String Variables in this CODAS short-form Netcdf file are intended for most end-user
scientific analysis and display purposes. For additional information see
the CODAS_processing_note global attribute and the attributes of each
of the variables.

============= =================================================================
time Time at the end of the ensemble, days from start of year.
lon, lat Longitude, Latitude from GPS at the end of the ensemble.
u,v Ocean zonal and meridional velocity component profiles.
uship, vship Zonal and meridional velocity components of the ship.
heading Mean ship heading during the ensemble.
depth Bin centers in nominal meters (no sound speed profile correction).
tr_temp ADCP transducer temperature.
pg Percent Good pings for u, v averaging after editing.
pflag Profile Flags based on editing, used to mask u, v.
amp Received signal strength in ADCP-specific units; no correction
for spreading or attenuation.
============= =================================================================
attribute NC_GLOBAL comment3 String CODAS_processing_note
attribute NC_GLOBAL comment4 String CODAS processing note:

The CODAS database is a specialized storage format designed for
shipboard ADCP data. "CODAS processing" uses this format to hold
averaged shipboard ADCP velocities and other variables, during the
stages of data processing. The CODAS database stores velocity
profiles relative to the ship as east and north components along with
position, ship speed, heading, and other variables. The netCDF *short*
form contains ocean velocities relative to earth, time, position,
transducer temperature, and ship heading; these are designed to be
"ready for immediate use". The netCDF *long* form is just a dump of
the entire CODAS database. Some variables are no longer used, and all
have names derived from their original CODAS names, dating back to the
late 1980's.

CODAS post-processing, i.e. that which occurs after the single-ping
profiles have been vector-averaged and loaded into the CODAS database,
includes editing (using automated algorithms and manual tools),
rotation and scaling of the measured velocities, and application of a
time-varying heading correction. Additional algorithms developed more
recently include translation of the GPS positions to the transducer
location, and averaging of ship's speed over the times of valid pings
when Percent Good is reduced. Such post-processing is needed prior to
submission of "processed ADCP data" to JASADCP or other archives.

Full CODAS processing
Whenever single-ping data have been recorded, full CODAS processing
provides the best end product.

Full CODAS processing starts with the single-ping velocities in beam
coordinates. Based on the transducer orientation relative to the
hull, the beam velocities are transformed to horizontal, vertical, and
"error velocity" components. Using a reliable heading (typically from
the ship's gyro compass), the velocities in ship coordinates are
rotated into earth coordinates.

Pings are grouped into an "ensemble" (usually 2-5 minutes duration)
and undergo a suite of automated editing algorithms (removal of
acoustic interference; identification of the bottom; editing based on
thresholds; and specialized editing that targets CTD wire interference
and "weak, biased profiles". The ensemble of single-ping velocities
is then averaged using an iterative reference layer averaging scheme.
Each ensemble is approximated as a single function of depth, with a
zero-average over a reference layer plus a reference layer velocity
for each ping. Adding the average of the single-ping reference layer
velocities to the function of depth yields the ensemble-average
velocity profile. These averaged profiles, along with ancillary
measurements, are written to disk, and subsequently loaded into the
CODAS database. Everything after this stage is "post-processing".

note (time):
Time is stored in the database using UTC Year, Month, Day, Hour,
Minute, Seconds. Floating point time "Decimal Day" is the floating
point interval in days since the start of the year, usually the year
of the first day of the cruise.

note (heading):
CODAS processing uses heading from a reliable device, and (if
available) uses a time-dependent correction by an accurate heading
device. The reliable heading device is typically a gyro compass (for
example, the Bridge gyro). Accurate heading devices can be POSMV,
Seapath, Phins, Hydrins, MAHRS, or various Ashtech devices; this
varies with the technology of the time. It is always confusing to
keep track of the sign of the heading correction. Headings are written
degrees, positive clockwise. setting up some variables:

X = transducer angle (CONFIG1_heading_bias)
positive clockwise (beam 3 angle relative to ship)
G = Reliable heading (gyrocompass)
A = Accurate heading
dh = G - A = time-dependent heading correction (ANCIL2_watrk_hd_misalign)

Rotation of the measured velocities into the correct coordinate system
amounts to (u+i*v)*(exp(i*theta)) where theta is the sum of the
corrected heading and the transducer angle.

theta = X + (G - dh) = X + G - dh

Watertrack and Bottomtrack calibrations give an indication of the
residual angle offset to apply, for example if mean and median of the
phase are all 0.5 (then R=0.5). Using the "rotate" command,
the value of R is added to "ANCIL2_watrk_hd_misalign".

new_dh = dh + R

Therefore the total angle used in rotation is

new_theta = X + G - dh_new
= X + G - (dh + R)
= (X - R) + (G - dh)

The new estimate of the transducer angle is: X - R
ANCIL2_watrk_hd_misalign contains: dh + R


Profile flags
Profile editing flags are provided for each depth cell:

binary decimal below Percent
value value bottom Good bin
000 0
001 1 bad
010 2 bad
011 3 bad bad
100 4 bad
101 5 bad bad
110 6 bad bad
111 7 bad bad bad
attribute NC_GLOBAL contributor_email String at
attribute NC_GLOBAL contributor_institution String Texas A&M University / Geochemical and Environmental Research Group
attribute NC_GLOBAL contributor_name String Zhankun Wang
attribute NC_GLOBAL contributor_phone String +1-979-458-3464
attribute NC_GLOBAL contributor_role String Assistant Reserach Scientist
attribute NC_GLOBAL contributor_role_vocabulary String (external link)
attribute NC_GLOBAL Conventions String CF-1.6, ACDD-1.3, IOOS-1.2, COARDS
attribute NC_GLOBAL Country String USA
attribute NC_GLOBAL creator_address String 266 Woods Hole Rd
attribute NC_GLOBAL creator_city String Woods Hole
attribute NC_GLOBAL creator_country String USA
attribute NC_GLOBAL creator_email String kpolzin at
attribute NC_GLOBAL creator_institution String Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
attribute NC_GLOBAL creator_name String Kurt Polzin
attribute NC_GLOBAL creator_phone String +1-508-289-3368
attribute NC_GLOBAL creator_postalcode String 02543
attribute NC_GLOBAL creator_role String Associate Scientist
attribute NC_GLOBAL creator_sector String academic
attribute NC_GLOBAL creator_state String Massachusetts
attribute NC_GLOBAL creator_type String person
attribute NC_GLOBAL creator_url String (external link)
attribute NC_GLOBAL cruise_name String PS18_28_Polzin_SADCP
attribute NC_GLOBAL date_created String 2019-01-22T00:32:17Z
attribute NC_GLOBAL date_issued String 2019-01-22T00:32:17Z
attribute NC_GLOBAL date_metadata_modified String 2021-02-03T18:04:47Z
attribute NC_GLOBAL date_modified String 2021-02-03T18:04:24Z
attribute NC_GLOBAL Easternmost_Easting double -88.29144166666669
attribute NC_GLOBAL featureType String TrajectoryProfile
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_bounds String Polygon ((28.37 -90.68 29.26 -90.68 29.26 -88.29 28.37 -88.29 28.37 -90.68))
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_bounds_crs String EPSG:4326
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_bounds_vertical_crs String EPSG:5831
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_lat_max double 29.253658333333334
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_lat_min double 28.36985
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_lat_resolution double -6.882610350076123E-5
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_lat_units String degrees_north
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_lon_max double -88.29144166666669
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_lon_min double -90.67679166666665
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_lon_resolution double 2.1544450452616417E-4
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_lon_units String degrees_east
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_vertical_max double 145.10000610351562
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_vertical_min double 7.090000152587891
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_vertical_positive String down
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_vertical_resolution float 2.0
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_vertical_units String m
attribute NC_GLOBAL history String Created: 2019-01-22 00:32:17 UTC
attribute NC_GLOBAL id String PS18_28_Polzin_SADCP
attribute NC_GLOBAL infoUrl String (external link)
attribute NC_GLOBAL institution String TAMU
attribute NC_GLOBAL instrument String ADCPs
attribute NC_GLOBAL instrument_vocabulary String GCMD Science Keywords Version 9.1.5
attribute NC_GLOBAL keywords String -1136006452, 2018-06-21, 2018-06-28, 300khz, 75khz, absolute, access, ACCESS_first_good_bin, ACCESS_last_good_bin, ACCESS_U_ship_absolute, ACCESS_V_ship_absolute, acoustic, acoustics, adcp, adcp-300khz, adcp-75khz, amlitude, amlitude/, amlitude/strength, amp, amp_sound_scat, analysis, ancil1, ANCIL1_best_snd_spd, ANCIL1_mn_heading, ANCIL1_pgs_sample, ANCIL1_snd_spd_used, ANCIL1_tr_temp, ANCIL2_botrk_hd_misalign, ANCIL2_botrk_scale_factor, ANCIL2_last_good_bin, ANCIL2_last_heading, ANCIL2_last_pitch, ANCIL2_last_roll, ANCIL2_last_temp, ANCIL2_max_amp_bin, ANCIL2_mn_pitch, ANCIL2_mn_roll, ANCIL2_ocean_depth, ANCIL2_pit_misalign, ANCIL2_rol_misalign, ANCIL2_std_heading, ANCIL2_std_pitch, ANCIL2_std_roll, ANCIL2_std_temp, ANCIL2_watrk_hd_misalign, ANCIL2_watrk_scale_factor, ancillary, angle, average, averaged, averaging, averaging_interval, azimuth, beam, best, bias, bin, bins, blanked, blanking, blanking_length, bot, bottom, BT_depth, BT_u, BT_v, cell, chemistry, circulation, codas, common, compensation, component, CONFIG1_avg_interval, CONFIG1_bin_length, CONFIG1_blank_length, CONFIG1_bot_ref_bin, CONFIG1_bot_track, CONFIG1_compensation, CONFIG1_ens_threshold, CONFIG1_ev_threshold, CONFIG1_freq_transmit, CONFIG1_hd_offset, CONFIG1_heading_bias, CONFIG1_num_bins, CONFIG1_pgs_ensemble, CONFIG1_ping_interval, CONFIG1_pit_offset, CONFIG1_pls_length, CONFIG1_rol_offset, CONFIG1_top_ref_bin, CONFIG1_tr_depth, configuration, correction, course, crs, cruise, current, currents, data, days, decimal, department, depth, depth_cell_size, direction, distance, doppler, during, earth, Earth Science > Oceans > Ocean Acoustics > Acoustic Velocity, Earth Science > Oceans > Ocean Chemistry > Oxygen, Earth Science > Oceans > Ocean Circulation > Ocean Currents, eastward, eastward_sea_water_velocity, eastwards, ens, ensemble, ensemble-mean, error, error_velocity, factor, first, flag, freq, gom, good, ground, gulf, gulf of mexico, hawaii, heading, identifier, instrument, instrument1, interval, latitude, length, longitude, marine, max, mean, measured, measurement, meridional, meridional_sea_water_velocity, meters, mexico, misalign, mississippi, NAV_direction, NAV_latitude, NAV_longitude, NAV_speed, navigation, northern, northward, northward_sea_water_velocity, num, number, number_of_pings, O2, ocean, ocean currents, oceanographic, oceans, offset, oxygen, percent, percent_3_beam, percent_good, pgs, physical oceanography, ping, pings, pit, pitch, platform, platform_course, platform_course_angle, platform_eastward_velocity, platform_eastward_velocity_wrt_ground\u00a0, platform_eastwards_velocity, platform_northward_velocity, platform_northward_velocity_wrt_ground\u00a0, platform_pitch_angle, platform_roll_angle, platform_speed, pls, point, profiler, profilers, projected, ps18, pulse, quality, quality_flag, r/v, ref, rol, roll, rotate, sadcp, salinity, salinity-temperature-depth, scale, science, sea, seawater, sensor, ship, ship_meridional_velocity, ship_zonal_velocity, shipboard, shipboard adcp, signal, signal_amplitude, size, sound, southern, spectral, spectral_width, speed, speed_of_sound_in_sea_water, std, strength, sur, system, temperature, temperature_of_sensor_for_oxygen_in_sea_water, threshold, time, top, track, tracking, trajectory, transducer, transducer_depth, transmit, u, university, unnown, used, v, velocity, velocity_error, water, width, wrt, zonal, zonal_sea_water_velocity
attribute NC_GLOBAL keywords_vocabulary String GCMD Science Keywords
attribute NC_GLOBAL license String Freely Distributed
attribute NC_GLOBAL metadata_link String (external link)
attribute NC_GLOBAL naming_authority String edu.whoi
attribute NC_GLOBAL Northernmost_Northing double 29.253658333333334
attribute NC_GLOBAL platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute NC_GLOBAL platform_name String RV_Point_Sur
attribute NC_GLOBAL platform_vocabulary String (external link)
attribute NC_GLOBAL processing_level String Geophysical units from raw data
attribute NC_GLOBAL product_version String v0.0
attribute NC_GLOBAL program String Gulf Of Mexico Reseach Initiative (GOMRI)
attribute NC_GLOBAL project String Understanding How the Complex Topography of the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Influences Water-column Mixing Processes and the Vertical and Horizontal Distribution of Oil and Gas after a Blowout
attribute NC_GLOBAL publisher_address String 6300 Ocean Drive
attribute NC_GLOBAL publisher_city String Corpus Christi
attribute NC_GLOBAL publisher_country String USA
attribute NC_GLOBAL publisher_email String griidc at
attribute NC_GLOBAL publisher_institution String Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative Information and Data (GRIIDC)
attribute NC_GLOBAL publisher_name String Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative Information and Data (GRIIDC)
attribute NC_GLOBAL publisher_phone String +1-301-713-3277
attribute NC_GLOBAL publisher_postalcode String 78412
attribute NC_GLOBAL publisher_state String Texas
attribute NC_GLOBAL publisher_type String institution
attribute NC_GLOBAL publisher_udi String R5.x279.000:0013
attribute NC_GLOBAL publisher_url String (external link)
attribute NC_GLOBAL references String
attribute NC_GLOBAL sea_name String Gulf of Mexico
attribute NC_GLOBAL source String ADCP trajectory from a ship
attribute NC_GLOBAL sourceUrl String (local files)
attribute NC_GLOBAL Southernmost_Northing double 28.36985
attribute NC_GLOBAL standard_name_vocabulary String CF Standard Name Table v72
attribute NC_GLOBAL subsetVariables String trajectory, percent_3_beam, ACCESS_first_good_bin, NAV_latitude, NAV_longitude, NAV_speed, NAV_direction, ANCIL1_best_snd_spd, ANCIL2_watrk_scale_factor, ANCIL2_botrk_scale_factor, ANCIL2_pit_misalign, ANCIL2_rol_misalign, ANCIL2_last_pitch, ANCIL2_last_roll, ANCIL2_mn_pitch, ANCIL2_mn_roll, ANCIL2_std_pitch, ANCIL2_std_roll, ANCIL2_ocean_depth, CONFIG1_avg_interval, CONFIG1_compensation, CONFIG1_num_bins, CONFIG1_tr_depth, CONFIG1_bin_length, CONFIG1_blank_length, CONFIG1_bot_track, CONFIG1_pgs_ensemble, CONFIG1_ens_threshold, CONFIG1_ev_threshold, CONFIG1_hd_offset, CONFIG1_pit_offset, CONFIG1_rol_offset, CONFIG1_freq_transmit, CONFIG1_top_ref_bin, CONFIG1_bot_ref_bin, CONFIG1_heading_bias, platform, instrument, instrument1, crs
attribute NC_GLOBAL summary String This dataset contains ocean currents data from Shipboard Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (SADCP) collected during the R/V Point Sur cruise PS18_28 in the northern Gulf of Mexico from 2018-06-21 to 2018-06-28. The experimental site is on the continental slope of the northern Gulf of Mexico, next to the Deepwater Horizon Spill site. The raw ADCP data were collected and processed using the University of Hawaii data acquisition system (UHDAS) during the cruise. The post-cruise data processing were conducted by the University of Hawaii using the Common Oceanographic Data Analysis System (CODAS) (Common Ocean Data Access System) processing. This dataset contains both raw and processed data. There were two vessel-mounted ADCPs on Point Sur operating at 75 kHz and 300 kHz respectively. Both were manufactured by RD Instruments. CODAS_variables
attribute NC_GLOBAL time_coverage_duration String P0Y0M07DT17H29M46S
attribute NC_GLOBAL time_coverage_end String 2018-06-28T19:32:51Z
attribute NC_GLOBAL time_coverage_start String 2018-06-21T02:03:05Z
attribute NC_GLOBAL title String TrajectoryProfile - R5.x279.000.0013 - wh300_short - 28.81N, 89.48W - 2018-06-21
attribute NC_GLOBAL Westernmost_Easting double -90.67679166666665
variable trajectory   int  
attribute trajectory _FillValue int -999
attribute trajectory cf_role String trajectory_id
attribute trajectory ioos_category String Identifier
attribute trajectory long_name int -1136006452
attribute trajectory missing_value int -999
variable time   double  
attribute time _CoordinateAxisType String Time
attribute time actual_range double 1.529546585E9, 1.530214371E9
attribute time axis String T
attribute time cf_role String profile_id
attribute time colorBarMaximum double 180.0
attribute time colorBarMinimum double 170.0
attribute time coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute time grid_mapping String crs
attribute time ioos_category String Time
attribute time long_name String Decimal Days
attribute time standard_name String time
attribute time standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute time time_origin String 01-JAN-1970 00:00:00
attribute time units String seconds since 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z
attribute time valid_max double 178.81447916666667
attribute time valid_min double 171.08547453703704
variable latitude   double  
attribute latitude _CoordinateAxisType String Lat
attribute latitude _FillValue double -99999.0
attribute latitude actual_range double 28.36985, 29.253658333333334
attribute latitude axis String Y
attribute latitude colorBarMaximum double 90.0
attribute latitude colorBarMinimum double -90.0
attribute latitude coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute latitude ioos_category String Location
attribute latitude long_name String Latitude
attribute latitude missing_value double -99999.0
attribute latitude standard_name String latitude
attribute latitude standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute latitude units String degrees_north
attribute latitude valid_max double 29.253658333333334
attribute latitude valid_min double 28.36985
variable longitude   double  
attribute longitude _CoordinateAxisType String Lon
attribute longitude _FillValue double -99999.0
attribute longitude actual_range double -90.67679166666665, -88.29144166666669
attribute longitude axis String X
attribute longitude colorBarMaximum double 180.0
attribute longitude colorBarMinimum double -180.0
attribute longitude coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute longitude ioos_category String Location
attribute longitude long_name String Longitude
attribute longitude missing_value double -99999.0
attribute longitude standard_name String longitude
attribute longitude standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute longitude units String degrees_east
attribute longitude valid_max double -88.29144166666669
attribute longitude valid_min double -90.67679166666665
variable depth   double  
attribute depth _CoordinateAxisType String Height
attribute depth _CoordinateZisPositive String down
attribute depth _FillValue double -99999.0
attribute depth actual_range double 7.090000152587891, 145.10000610351562
attribute depth axis String Z
attribute depth colorBarMaximum double 8000.0
attribute depth colorBarMinimum double -8000.0
attribute depth colorBarPalette String TopographyDepth
attribute depth coverage_content_type String coordinate
attribute depth grid_mapping String crs
attribute depth ioos_category String Location
attribute depth long_name String Depth
attribute depth missing_value double -99999.0
attribute depth positive String down
attribute depth source String ADCP trajectory from a ship
attribute depth standard_name String depth
attribute depth standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute depth units String m
attribute depth valid_max double 145.10000610351562
attribute depth valid_min double 7.090000152587891
variable zonal_sea_water_velocity   double  
attribute zonal_sea_water_velocity _FillValue double -99999.0
attribute zonal_sea_water_velocity actual_range double -0.2598123550415039, 0.8560190200805664
attribute zonal_sea_water_velocity colorBarMaximum double 0.5
attribute zonal_sea_water_velocity colorBarMinimum double -0.5
attribute zonal_sea_water_velocity coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute zonal_sea_water_velocity grid_mapping String crs
attribute zonal_sea_water_velocity instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute zonal_sea_water_velocity ioos_category String Currents
attribute zonal_sea_water_velocity long_name String Zonal velocity
attribute zonal_sea_water_velocity missing_value double 9.969209968386869E36
attribute zonal_sea_water_velocity platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute zonal_sea_water_velocity standard_name String eastward_sea_water_velocity
attribute zonal_sea_water_velocity standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute zonal_sea_water_velocity units String m s-1
attribute zonal_sea_water_velocity valid_max double 9.969209968386869E36
attribute zonal_sea_water_velocity valid_min double -0.2598123550415039
variable meridional_sea_water_velocity   double  
attribute meridional_sea_water_velocity _FillValue double -99999.0
attribute meridional_sea_water_velocity actual_range double -0.3212372064590454, 0.5731942653656006
attribute meridional_sea_water_velocity colorBarMaximum double 0.5
attribute meridional_sea_water_velocity colorBarMinimum double -0.5
attribute meridional_sea_water_velocity coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute meridional_sea_water_velocity grid_mapping String crs
attribute meridional_sea_water_velocity instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute meridional_sea_water_velocity ioos_category String Currents
attribute meridional_sea_water_velocity long_name String meridional velocity
attribute meridional_sea_water_velocity missing_value double 9.969209968386869E36
attribute meridional_sea_water_velocity platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute meridional_sea_water_velocity standard_name String northward_sea_water_velocity
attribute meridional_sea_water_velocity standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute meridional_sea_water_velocity units String m s-1
attribute meridional_sea_water_velocity valid_max double 9.969209968386869E36
attribute meridional_sea_water_velocity valid_min double -0.3212372064590454
variable velocity_error   double  
attribute velocity_error _FillValue double -99999.0
attribute velocity_error actual_range double -0.49900001287460327, 0.49900001287460327
attribute velocity_error colorBarMaximum double 0.1
attribute velocity_error colorBarMinimum double 0.0
attribute velocity_error coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute velocity_error grid_mapping String crs
attribute velocity_error instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute velocity_error ioos_category String Currents
attribute velocity_error long_name String velocity error
attribute velocity_error missing_value double 9.969209968386869E36
attribute velocity_error ncei_name String velocity_error
attribute velocity_error platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute velocity_error standard_name String error_velocity
attribute velocity_error standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute velocity_error units String m s-1
attribute velocity_error valid_max double 9.969209968386869E36
attribute velocity_error valid_min double -0.49900001287460327
variable signal_amplitude   double  
attribute signal_amplitude _FillValue double -99999.0
attribute signal_amplitude actual_range double 42.0, 229.0
attribute signal_amplitude colorBarMaximum double 250.0
attribute signal_amplitude colorBarMinimum double 0.0
attribute signal_amplitude coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute signal_amplitude grid_mapping String crs
attribute signal_amplitude instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute signal_amplitude ioos_category String Currents
attribute signal_amplitude long_name String signal amlitude/ strength
attribute signal_amplitude missing_value double -99999.0
attribute signal_amplitude platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute signal_amplitude standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute signal_amplitude valid_max double 229.0
attribute signal_amplitude valid_min double 42.0
variable number_of_pings   short  
attribute number_of_pings _FillValue short -999
attribute number_of_pings actual_range short 38, 151
attribute number_of_pings colorBarMaximum double 100.0
attribute number_of_pings colorBarMinimum double 0.0
attribute number_of_pings coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute number_of_pings grid_mapping String crs
attribute number_of_pings instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute number_of_pings ioos_category String Currents
attribute number_of_pings long_name String Number of pings
attribute number_of_pings missing_value short 32767
attribute number_of_pings ncei_name String number_of_pings
attribute number_of_pings platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute number_of_pings standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute number_of_pings valid_max short 151
attribute number_of_pings valid_min short 38
variable ship_zonal_velocity   double  
attribute ship_zonal_velocity _FillValue double -99999.0
attribute ship_zonal_velocity actual_range double -4.820212364196777, 5.707650661468506
attribute ship_zonal_velocity colorBarMaximum double 10.0
attribute ship_zonal_velocity colorBarMinimum double -10.0
attribute ship_zonal_velocity coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute ship_zonal_velocity grid_mapping String crs
attribute ship_zonal_velocity instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute ship_zonal_velocity ioos_category String Currents
attribute ship_zonal_velocity long_name String Ship Zonal velocity
attribute ship_zonal_velocity missing_value double -99999.0
attribute ship_zonal_velocity platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute ship_zonal_velocity standard_name String platform_eastward_velocity
attribute ship_zonal_velocity standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute ship_zonal_velocity units String m s-1
attribute ship_zonal_velocity valid_max double 5.707650661468506
attribute ship_zonal_velocity valid_min double -4.820212364196777
variable ship_meridional_velocity   double  
attribute ship_meridional_velocity _FillValue double -99999.0
attribute ship_meridional_velocity actual_range double -5.011462211608887, 4.777980804443359
attribute ship_meridional_velocity colorBarMaximum double 6.0
attribute ship_meridional_velocity colorBarMinimum double -6.0
attribute ship_meridional_velocity coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute ship_meridional_velocity grid_mapping String crs
attribute ship_meridional_velocity instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute ship_meridional_velocity ioos_category String Currents
attribute ship_meridional_velocity long_name String Ship meridional velocity component
attribute ship_meridional_velocity missing_value double -99999.0
attribute ship_meridional_velocity platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute ship_meridional_velocity standard_name String platform_northward_velocity
attribute ship_meridional_velocity standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute ship_meridional_velocity units String m s-1
attribute ship_meridional_velocity valid_max double 4.777980804443359
attribute ship_meridional_velocity valid_min double -5.011462211608887
variable amp_sound_scat   short  
attribute amp_sound_scat _FillValue short -999
attribute amp_sound_scat actual_range short 42, 229
attribute amp_sound_scat colorBarMaximum double 250.0
attribute amp_sound_scat colorBarMinimum double 0.0
attribute amp_sound_scat coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute amp_sound_scat grid_mapping String crs
attribute amp_sound_scat instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute amp_sound_scat ioos_category String Currents
attribute amp_sound_scat long_name String signal amlitude/strength
attribute amp_sound_scat missing_value short 32767
attribute amp_sound_scat platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute amp_sound_scat standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute amp_sound_scat valid_max short 229
attribute amp_sound_scat valid_min short 42
variable percent_good   short  
attribute percent_good _FillValue short -999
attribute percent_good actual_range short 0, 100
attribute percent_good colorBarMaximum double 100.0
attribute percent_good colorBarMinimum double 0.0
attribute percent_good coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute percent_good grid_mapping String crs
attribute percent_good instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute percent_good ioos_category String Unknown
attribute percent_good long_name String Percent Good
attribute percent_good missing_value short 32767
attribute percent_good ncei_name String percent_good
attribute percent_good platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute percent_good standard_name String percent_good
attribute percent_good standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute percent_good valid_max short 100
attribute percent_good valid_min short 0
variable percent_3_beam   short  
attribute percent_3_beam _FillValue short -999
attribute percent_3_beam actual_range short 0, 0
attribute percent_3_beam C_format String %d
attribute percent_3_beam colorBarMaximum double 100.0
attribute percent_3_beam colorBarMinimum double 0.0
attribute percent_3_beam coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute percent_3_beam grid_mapping String crs
attribute percent_3_beam instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute percent_3_beam ioos_category String Currents
attribute percent_3_beam long_name String PERCENT_3_BEAM
attribute percent_3_beam missing_value short 32767
attribute percent_3_beam platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute percent_3_beam standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute percent_3_beam valid_max short 32767
attribute percent_3_beam valid_min short 32767
variable spectral_width   short  
attribute spectral_width _FillValue short -999
attribute spectral_width actual_range short 8, 132
attribute spectral_width C_format String %d
attribute spectral_width coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute spectral_width grid_mapping String crs
attribute spectral_width instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute spectral_width ioos_category String Currents
attribute spectral_width long_name String SPECTRAL_WIDTH
attribute spectral_width missing_value short 32767
attribute spectral_width platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute spectral_width standard_name String unnown
attribute spectral_width standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute spectral_width valid_max short 32767
attribute spectral_width valid_min short 32767
variable ACCESS_first_good_bin   short  
attribute ACCESS_first_good_bin _FillValue short -999
attribute ACCESS_first_good_bin actual_range short 1, 1
attribute ACCESS_first_good_bin C_format String %d
attribute ACCESS_first_good_bin coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute ACCESS_first_good_bin grid_mapping String crs
attribute ACCESS_first_good_bin instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute ACCESS_first_good_bin ioos_category String Currents
attribute ACCESS_first_good_bin long_name String ACCESS_VARIABLES_first_good_bin
attribute ACCESS_first_good_bin missing_value short 32767
attribute ACCESS_first_good_bin platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute ACCESS_first_good_bin standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute ACCESS_first_good_bin valid_max short 32767
attribute ACCESS_first_good_bin valid_min short 32767
variable ACCESS_last_good_bin   short  
attribute ACCESS_last_good_bin _FillValue short -999
attribute ACCESS_last_good_bin actual_range short 0, 70
attribute ACCESS_last_good_bin C_format String %d
attribute ACCESS_last_good_bin coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute ACCESS_last_good_bin grid_mapping String crs
attribute ACCESS_last_good_bin instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute ACCESS_last_good_bin ioos_category String Currents
attribute ACCESS_last_good_bin long_name String ACCESS_VARIABLES_last_good_bin
attribute ACCESS_last_good_bin missing_value short 32767
attribute ACCESS_last_good_bin platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute ACCESS_last_good_bin standard_name String unnown
attribute ACCESS_last_good_bin standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute ACCESS_last_good_bin valid_max short 32767
attribute ACCESS_last_good_bin valid_min short 32767
variable ACCESS_U_ship_absolute   double  
attribute ACCESS_U_ship_absolute _FillValue double -99999.0
attribute ACCESS_U_ship_absolute actual_range double -4.820212364196777, 5.707650661468506
attribute ACCESS_U_ship_absolute C_format String %9.4f
attribute ACCESS_U_ship_absolute colorBarMaximum double 10.0
attribute ACCESS_U_ship_absolute colorBarMinimum double -10.0
attribute ACCESS_U_ship_absolute coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute ACCESS_U_ship_absolute grid_mapping String crs
attribute ACCESS_U_ship_absolute instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute ACCESS_U_ship_absolute ioos_category String Currents
attribute ACCESS_U_ship_absolute long_name String ACCESS_VARIABLES_U_ship_absolute
attribute ACCESS_U_ship_absolute missing_value double -99999.0
attribute ACCESS_U_ship_absolute platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute ACCESS_U_ship_absolute standard_name String platform_eastwards_velocity
attribute ACCESS_U_ship_absolute standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute ACCESS_U_ship_absolute units String m s-1
attribute ACCESS_U_ship_absolute valid_max double 5.026084
attribute ACCESS_U_ship_absolute valid_min double -5.50963
variable ACCESS_V_ship_absolute   double  
attribute ACCESS_V_ship_absolute _FillValue double -99999.0
attribute ACCESS_V_ship_absolute actual_range double -5.011462211608887, 4.777980804443359
attribute ACCESS_V_ship_absolute C_format String %9.4f
attribute ACCESS_V_ship_absolute colorBarMaximum double 10.0
attribute ACCESS_V_ship_absolute colorBarMinimum double -10.0
attribute ACCESS_V_ship_absolute coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute ACCESS_V_ship_absolute grid_mapping String crs
attribute ACCESS_V_ship_absolute instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute ACCESS_V_ship_absolute ioos_category String Currents
attribute ACCESS_V_ship_absolute long_name String ACCESS_VARIABLES_V_ship_absolute
attribute ACCESS_V_ship_absolute missing_value double -99999.0
attribute ACCESS_V_ship_absolute platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute ACCESS_V_ship_absolute standard_name String platform_northward_velocity
attribute ACCESS_V_ship_absolute standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute ACCESS_V_ship_absolute units String m s-1
attribute ACCESS_V_ship_absolute valid_max double 5.251324
attribute ACCESS_V_ship_absolute valid_min double -5.406239
variable NAV_latitude   double  
attribute NAV_latitude _FillValue double -99999.0
attribute NAV_latitude C_format String %9.4f
attribute NAV_latitude colorBarMaximum double 90.0
attribute NAV_latitude colorBarMinimum double -90.0
attribute NAV_latitude coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute NAV_latitude grid_mapping String crs
attribute NAV_latitude instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute NAV_latitude ioos_category String Currents
attribute NAV_latitude long_name String NAVIGATION_latitude
attribute NAV_latitude missing_value double 9.969209968386869E36
attribute NAV_latitude platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute NAV_latitude standard_name String latitude
attribute NAV_latitude standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute NAV_latitude units String degrees_north
attribute NAV_latitude valid_max double 9.969209968386869E36
attribute NAV_latitude valid_min double 9.969209968386869E36
variable NAV_longitude   double  
attribute NAV_longitude _FillValue double -99999.0
attribute NAV_longitude C_format String %9.4f
attribute NAV_longitude colorBarMaximum double 180.0
attribute NAV_longitude colorBarMinimum double -180.0
attribute NAV_longitude coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute NAV_longitude grid_mapping String crs
attribute NAV_longitude instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute NAV_longitude ioos_category String Currents
attribute NAV_longitude long_name String NAVIGATION_longitude
attribute NAV_longitude missing_value double 9.969209968386869E36
attribute NAV_longitude platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute NAV_longitude standard_name String longitude
attribute NAV_longitude standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute NAV_longitude units String degrees_east
attribute NAV_longitude valid_max double 9.969209968386869E36
attribute NAV_longitude valid_min double 9.969209968386869E36
variable NAV_speed   double  
attribute NAV_speed _FillValue double -99999.0
attribute NAV_speed C_format String %9.4f
attribute NAV_speed colorBarMaximum double 1.0399999999999999E37
attribute NAV_speed colorBarMinimum double 9.4E36
attribute NAV_speed coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute NAV_speed grid_mapping String crs
attribute NAV_speed instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute NAV_speed ioos_category String Currents
attribute NAV_speed long_name String NAVIGATION_speed
attribute NAV_speed missing_value double 9.969209968386869E36
attribute NAV_speed platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute NAV_speed standard_name String platform_speed
attribute NAV_speed standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute NAV_speed units String knots
attribute NAV_speed valid_max double 9.969209968386869E36
attribute NAV_speed valid_min double 9.969209968386869E36
variable NAV_direction   double  
attribute NAV_direction _FillValue double -99999.0
attribute NAV_direction C_format String %9.4f
attribute NAV_direction colorBarMaximum double 360.0
attribute NAV_direction colorBarMinimum double 0.0
attribute NAV_direction coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute NAV_direction grid_mapping String crs
attribute NAV_direction instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute NAV_direction ioos_category String Currents
attribute NAV_direction long_name String NAVIGATION_direction
attribute NAV_direction missing_value double 9.969209968386869E36
attribute NAV_direction platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute NAV_direction standard_name String platform_course_angle
attribute NAV_direction standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute NAV_direction units String degree
attribute NAV_direction valid_max double 9.969209968386869E36
attribute NAV_direction valid_min double 9.969209968386869E36
variable ANCIL1_tr_temp   double  
attribute ANCIL1_tr_temp _FillValue double -99999.0
attribute ANCIL1_tr_temp actual_range double 28.176183700561523, 31.08086585998535
attribute ANCIL1_tr_temp C_format String %9.4f
attribute ANCIL1_tr_temp colorBarMaximum double 500.0
attribute ANCIL1_tr_temp colorBarMinimum double 0.0
attribute ANCIL1_tr_temp coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute ANCIL1_tr_temp grid_mapping String crs
attribute ANCIL1_tr_temp instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute ANCIL1_tr_temp ioos_category String Currents
attribute ANCIL1_tr_temp long_name String ANCILLARY_1_tr_temp
attribute ANCIL1_tr_temp missing_value double 1.0E38
attribute ANCIL1_tr_temp platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute ANCIL1_tr_temp standard_name String temperature_of_sensor_for_oxygen_in_sea_water
attribute ANCIL1_tr_temp standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute ANCIL1_tr_temp units String degree_Celsius
attribute ANCIL1_tr_temp valid_max double 30.6194
attribute ANCIL1_tr_temp valid_min double 27.58964
variable ANCIL1_snd_spd_used   double  
attribute ANCIL1_snd_spd_used _FillValue double -99999.0
attribute ANCIL1_snd_spd_used actual_range double 1504.98681640625, 1512.0
attribute ANCIL1_snd_spd_used C_format String %9.4f
attribute ANCIL1_snd_spd_used colorBarMaximum double 1548.0
attribute ANCIL1_snd_spd_used colorBarMinimum double 1538.0
attribute ANCIL1_snd_spd_used coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute ANCIL1_snd_spd_used grid_mapping String crs
attribute ANCIL1_snd_spd_used instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute ANCIL1_snd_spd_used ioos_category String Currents
attribute ANCIL1_snd_spd_used long_name String ANCILLARY_1_sound_speed_used
attribute ANCIL1_snd_spd_used missing_value double 1.0E38
attribute ANCIL1_snd_spd_used platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute ANCIL1_snd_spd_used standard_name String speed_of_sound_in_sea_water
attribute ANCIL1_snd_spd_used standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute ANCIL1_snd_spd_used units String m s-1
attribute ANCIL1_snd_spd_used valid_max double 1546.072
attribute ANCIL1_snd_spd_used valid_min double 1539.988
variable ANCIL1_best_snd_spd   double  
attribute ANCIL1_best_snd_spd _FillValue double -99999.0
attribute ANCIL1_best_snd_spd actual_range double 9.969209968386869E36, 9.969209968386869E36
attribute ANCIL1_best_snd_spd C_format String %9.4f
attribute ANCIL1_best_snd_spd colorBarMaximum double 1.06E38
attribute ANCIL1_best_snd_spd colorBarMinimum double 9.400000000000001E37
attribute ANCIL1_best_snd_spd coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute ANCIL1_best_snd_spd grid_mapping String crs
attribute ANCIL1_best_snd_spd instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute ANCIL1_best_snd_spd ioos_category String Currents
attribute ANCIL1_best_snd_spd long_name String ANCILLARY_1_best_sound_speed
attribute ANCIL1_best_snd_spd missing_value double 1.0E38
attribute ANCIL1_best_snd_spd platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute ANCIL1_best_snd_spd standard_name String speed_of_sound_in_sea_water
attribute ANCIL1_best_snd_spd standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute ANCIL1_best_snd_spd units String m s-1
attribute ANCIL1_best_snd_spd valid_max double 1.0E38
attribute ANCIL1_best_snd_spd valid_min double 1.0E38
variable ANCIL1_mn_heading   double  
attribute ANCIL1_mn_heading _FillValue double -99999.0
attribute ANCIL1_mn_heading actual_range double -179.9809112548828, 179.97518920898438
attribute ANCIL1_mn_heading C_format String %9.4f
attribute ANCIL1_mn_heading colorBarMaximum double 200.0
attribute ANCIL1_mn_heading colorBarMinimum double -200.0
attribute ANCIL1_mn_heading coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute ANCIL1_mn_heading grid_mapping String crs
attribute ANCIL1_mn_heading instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute ANCIL1_mn_heading ioos_category String Currents
attribute ANCIL1_mn_heading long_name String ANCIL1 Ensemble-mean heading
attribute ANCIL1_mn_heading missing_value double 1.0E38
attribute ANCIL1_mn_heading platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute ANCIL1_mn_heading standard_name String platform_course
attribute ANCIL1_mn_heading standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute ANCIL1_mn_heading units String degree
attribute ANCIL1_mn_heading valid_max double 179.981
attribute ANCIL1_mn_heading valid_min double -179.8087
variable ANCIL1_pgs_sample   short  
attribute ANCIL1_pgs_sample _FillValue short -999
attribute ANCIL1_pgs_sample actual_range short 38, 151
attribute ANCIL1_pgs_sample C_format String %d
attribute ANCIL1_pgs_sample colorBarMaximum double 100.0
attribute ANCIL1_pgs_sample colorBarMinimum double 0.0
attribute ANCIL1_pgs_sample coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute ANCIL1_pgs_sample grid_mapping String crs
attribute ANCIL1_pgs_sample instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute ANCIL1_pgs_sample ioos_category String Currents
attribute ANCIL1_pgs_sample long_name String ANCILLARY Number of pings averaged in the ensemble
attribute ANCIL1_pgs_sample missing_value short 32767
attribute ANCIL1_pgs_sample platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute ANCIL1_pgs_sample standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute ANCIL1_pgs_sample valid_max short 32767
attribute ANCIL1_pgs_sample valid_min short 32767
variable ANCIL2_watrk_hd_misalign   double  
attribute ANCIL2_watrk_hd_misalign _FillValue double -99999.0
attribute ANCIL2_watrk_hd_misalign actual_range double -2.0, 3.430000066757202
attribute ANCIL2_watrk_hd_misalign C_format String %9.4f
attribute ANCIL2_watrk_hd_misalign colorBarMaximum double 4.0
attribute ANCIL2_watrk_hd_misalign colorBarMinimum double -2.0
attribute ANCIL2_watrk_hd_misalign coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute ANCIL2_watrk_hd_misalign grid_mapping String crs
attribute ANCIL2_watrk_hd_misalign instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute ANCIL2_watrk_hd_misalign ioos_category String Currents
attribute ANCIL2_watrk_hd_misalign long_name String ANCILLARY 2 Azimuth correction used to rotate measured
attribute ANCIL2_watrk_hd_misalign missing_value double 1.0E38
attribute ANCIL2_watrk_hd_misalign platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute ANCIL2_watrk_hd_misalign standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute ANCIL2_watrk_hd_misalign units String degree
attribute ANCIL2_watrk_hd_misalign valid_max double 3.609013
attribute ANCIL2_watrk_hd_misalign valid_min double -1.346057
variable ANCIL2_watrk_scale_factor   double  
attribute ANCIL2_watrk_scale_factor _FillValue double -99999.0
attribute ANCIL2_watrk_scale_factor actual_range double 1.0069999694824219, 1.0069999694824219
attribute ANCIL2_watrk_scale_factor C_format String %9.4f
attribute ANCIL2_watrk_scale_factor colorBarMaximum double 1.06
attribute ANCIL2_watrk_scale_factor colorBarMinimum double 0.96
attribute ANCIL2_watrk_scale_factor coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute ANCIL2_watrk_scale_factor grid_mapping String crs
attribute ANCIL2_watrk_scale_factor instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute ANCIL2_watrk_scale_factor ioos_category String Currents
attribute ANCIL2_watrk_scale_factor long_name String ANCILLARY_2_Azimuth correction used to rotate measured
attribute ANCIL2_watrk_scale_factor missing_value double 1.0E38
attribute ANCIL2_watrk_scale_factor platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute ANCIL2_watrk_scale_factor standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute ANCIL2_watrk_scale_factor valid_max double 1.01
attribute ANCIL2_watrk_scale_factor valid_min double 1.01
variable ANCIL2_botrk_hd_misalign   double  
attribute ANCIL2_botrk_hd_misalign _FillValue double -99999.0
attribute ANCIL2_botrk_hd_misalign actual_range double -2.0, 3.430000066757202
attribute ANCIL2_botrk_hd_misalign C_format String %9.4f
attribute ANCIL2_botrk_hd_misalign colorBarMaximum double 4.0
attribute ANCIL2_botrk_hd_misalign colorBarMinimum double -2.0
attribute ANCIL2_botrk_hd_misalign coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute ANCIL2_botrk_hd_misalign grid_mapping String crs
attribute ANCIL2_botrk_hd_misalign instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute ANCIL2_botrk_hd_misalign ioos_category String Currents
attribute ANCIL2_botrk_hd_misalign long_name String ANCILLARY_2 Azimuth correction for bottom tracking
attribute ANCIL2_botrk_hd_misalign missing_value double 1.0E38
attribute ANCIL2_botrk_hd_misalign platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute ANCIL2_botrk_hd_misalign standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute ANCIL2_botrk_hd_misalign units String degree
attribute ANCIL2_botrk_hd_misalign valid_max double 3.609013
attribute ANCIL2_botrk_hd_misalign valid_min double -1.346057
variable ANCIL2_botrk_scale_factor   double  
attribute ANCIL2_botrk_scale_factor _FillValue double -99999.0
attribute ANCIL2_botrk_scale_factor actual_range double 1.0069999694824219, 1.0069999694824219
attribute ANCIL2_botrk_scale_factor C_format String %9.4f
attribute ANCIL2_botrk_scale_factor colorBarMaximum double 1.06
attribute ANCIL2_botrk_scale_factor colorBarMinimum double 0.96
attribute ANCIL2_botrk_scale_factor coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute ANCIL2_botrk_scale_factor grid_mapping String crs
attribute ANCIL2_botrk_scale_factor instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute ANCIL2_botrk_scale_factor ioos_category String Currents
attribute ANCIL2_botrk_scale_factor long_name String ANCILLARY_2 Scale factor for bottom tracking
attribute ANCIL2_botrk_scale_factor missing_value double 1.0E38
attribute ANCIL2_botrk_scale_factor platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute ANCIL2_botrk_scale_factor standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute ANCIL2_botrk_scale_factor valid_max double 1.01
attribute ANCIL2_botrk_scale_factor valid_min double 1.01
variable ANCIL2_pit_misalign   double  
attribute ANCIL2_pit_misalign _FillValue double -99999.0
attribute ANCIL2_pit_misalign actual_range double 0.0, 0.0
attribute ANCIL2_pit_misalign C_format String %9.4f
attribute ANCIL2_pit_misalign colorBarMaximum double 1.0
attribute ANCIL2_pit_misalign colorBarMinimum double -1.0
attribute ANCIL2_pit_misalign coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute ANCIL2_pit_misalign grid_mapping String crs
attribute ANCIL2_pit_misalign instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute ANCIL2_pit_misalign ioos_category String Currents
attribute ANCIL2_pit_misalign long_name String ANCILLARY_2_pit_misalign
attribute ANCIL2_pit_misalign missing_value double 1.0E38
attribute ANCIL2_pit_misalign platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute ANCIL2_pit_misalign standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute ANCIL2_pit_misalign units String degree
attribute ANCIL2_pit_misalign valid_max double 0.0
attribute ANCIL2_pit_misalign valid_min double 0.0
variable ANCIL2_rol_misalign   double  
attribute ANCIL2_rol_misalign _FillValue double -99999.0
attribute ANCIL2_rol_misalign actual_range double 0.0, 0.0
attribute ANCIL2_rol_misalign C_format String %9.4f
attribute ANCIL2_rol_misalign colorBarMaximum double 1.0
attribute ANCIL2_rol_misalign colorBarMinimum double -1.0
attribute ANCIL2_rol_misalign coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute ANCIL2_rol_misalign grid_mapping String crs
attribute ANCIL2_rol_misalign instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute ANCIL2_rol_misalign ioos_category String Currents
attribute ANCIL2_rol_misalign long_name String ANCILLARY_2_rol_misalign
attribute ANCIL2_rol_misalign missing_value double 1.0E38
attribute ANCIL2_rol_misalign platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute ANCIL2_rol_misalign standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute ANCIL2_rol_misalign units String degree
attribute ANCIL2_rol_misalign valid_max double 0.0
attribute ANCIL2_rol_misalign valid_min double 0.0
variable ANCIL2_last_temp   double  
attribute ANCIL2_last_temp _FillValue double -99999.0
attribute ANCIL2_last_temp actual_range double 28.200000762939453, 31.1200008392334
attribute ANCIL2_last_temp C_format String %9.4f
attribute ANCIL2_last_temp colorBarMaximum double 500.0
attribute ANCIL2_last_temp colorBarMinimum double 0.0
attribute ANCIL2_last_temp coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute ANCIL2_last_temp grid_mapping String crs
attribute ANCIL2_last_temp instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute ANCIL2_last_temp ioos_category String Currents
attribute ANCIL2_last_temp long_name String ANCILLARY_2_last_temp
attribute ANCIL2_last_temp missing_value double 1.0E38
attribute ANCIL2_last_temp platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute ANCIL2_last_temp standard_name String temperature_of_sensor_for_oxygen_in_sea_water
attribute ANCIL2_last_temp standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute ANCIL2_last_temp units String degree_Celsius
attribute ANCIL2_last_temp valid_max double 31.19
attribute ANCIL2_last_temp valid_min double 27.71
variable ANCIL2_last_heading   double  
attribute ANCIL2_last_heading _FillValue double -99999.0
attribute ANCIL2_last_heading actual_range double -240.80584716796875, 235.18724060058594
attribute ANCIL2_last_heading C_format String %9.4f
attribute ANCIL2_last_heading colorBarMaximum double 400.0
attribute ANCIL2_last_heading colorBarMinimum double -400.0
attribute ANCIL2_last_heading coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute ANCIL2_last_heading grid_mapping String crs
attribute ANCIL2_last_heading instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute ANCIL2_last_heading ioos_category String Currents
attribute ANCIL2_last_heading long_name String ANCILLARY_2_last_heading
attribute ANCIL2_last_heading missing_value double 1.0E38
attribute ANCIL2_last_heading platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute ANCIL2_last_heading standard_name String platform_course
attribute ANCIL2_last_heading standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute ANCIL2_last_heading units String degree
attribute ANCIL2_last_heading valid_max double 322.2565
attribute ANCIL2_last_heading valid_min double -295.1864
variable ANCIL2_last_pitch   double  
attribute ANCIL2_last_pitch _FillValue double -99999.0
attribute ANCIL2_last_pitch actual_range double 9.969209968386869E36, 9.969209968386869E36
attribute ANCIL2_last_pitch C_format String %9.4f
attribute ANCIL2_last_pitch colorBarMaximum double 6.0
attribute ANCIL2_last_pitch colorBarMinimum double -4.0
attribute ANCIL2_last_pitch coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute ANCIL2_last_pitch grid_mapping String crs
attribute ANCIL2_last_pitch instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute ANCIL2_last_pitch ioos_category String Currents
attribute ANCIL2_last_pitch long_name String ANCILLARY_2_last_pitch
attribute ANCIL2_last_pitch missing_value double 1.0E38
attribute ANCIL2_last_pitch platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute ANCIL2_last_pitch standard_name String platform_pitch_angle
attribute ANCIL2_last_pitch standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute ANCIL2_last_pitch units String degree
attribute ANCIL2_last_pitch valid_max double 4.085287
attribute ANCIL2_last_pitch valid_min double -3.171383
variable ANCIL2_last_roll   double  
attribute ANCIL2_last_roll _FillValue double -99999.0
attribute ANCIL2_last_roll actual_range double 9.969209968386869E36, 9.969209968386869E36
attribute ANCIL2_last_roll C_format String %9.4f
attribute ANCIL2_last_roll colorBarMaximum double 6.0
attribute ANCIL2_last_roll colorBarMinimum double -6.0
attribute ANCIL2_last_roll coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute ANCIL2_last_roll grid_mapping String crs
attribute ANCIL2_last_roll instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute ANCIL2_last_roll ioos_category String Currents
attribute ANCIL2_last_roll long_name String ANCILLARY_2_last_roll
attribute ANCIL2_last_roll missing_value double 1.0E38
attribute ANCIL2_last_roll platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute ANCIL2_last_roll standard_name String platform_roll_angle
attribute ANCIL2_last_roll standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute ANCIL2_last_roll units String degree
attribute ANCIL2_last_roll valid_max double 4.994723
attribute ANCIL2_last_roll valid_min double -4.13617
variable ANCIL2_mn_pitch   double  
attribute ANCIL2_mn_pitch _FillValue double -99999.0
attribute ANCIL2_mn_pitch actual_range double 9.969209968386869E36, 9.969209968386869E36
attribute ANCIL2_mn_pitch C_format String %9.4f
attribute ANCIL2_mn_pitch colorBarMaximum double 3.0
attribute ANCIL2_mn_pitch colorBarMinimum double -2.0
attribute ANCIL2_mn_pitch coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute ANCIL2_mn_pitch grid_mapping String crs
attribute ANCIL2_mn_pitch instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute ANCIL2_mn_pitch ioos_category String Currents
attribute ANCIL2_mn_pitch long_name String ANCILLARY_2_mn_pitch
attribute ANCIL2_mn_pitch missing_value double 1.0E38
attribute ANCIL2_mn_pitch platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute ANCIL2_mn_pitch standard_name String platform_pitch_angle
attribute ANCIL2_mn_pitch standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute ANCIL2_mn_pitch units String degree
attribute ANCIL2_mn_pitch valid_max double 2.495101
attribute ANCIL2_mn_pitch valid_min double -1.375995
variable ANCIL2_mn_roll   double  
attribute ANCIL2_mn_roll _FillValue double -99999.0
attribute ANCIL2_mn_roll actual_range double 9.969209968386869E36, 9.969209968386869E36
attribute ANCIL2_mn_roll C_format String %9.4f
attribute ANCIL2_mn_roll colorBarMaximum double 4.0
attribute ANCIL2_mn_roll colorBarMinimum double -4.0
attribute ANCIL2_mn_roll coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute ANCIL2_mn_roll grid_mapping String crs
attribute ANCIL2_mn_roll instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute ANCIL2_mn_roll ioos_category String Currents
attribute ANCIL2_mn_roll long_name String ANCILLARY_2_mn_roll
attribute ANCIL2_mn_roll missing_value double 1.0E38
attribute ANCIL2_mn_roll platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute ANCIL2_mn_roll standard_name String platform_roll_angle
attribute ANCIL2_mn_roll standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute ANCIL2_mn_roll units String degree
attribute ANCIL2_mn_roll valid_max double 2.997305
attribute ANCIL2_mn_roll valid_min double -2.101853
variable ANCIL2_std_temp   double  
attribute ANCIL2_std_temp _FillValue double -99999.0
attribute ANCIL2_std_temp actual_range double 0.012770799919962883, 0.025506773963570595
attribute ANCIL2_std_temp C_format String %9.4f
attribute ANCIL2_std_temp colorBarMaximum double 500.0
attribute ANCIL2_std_temp colorBarMinimum double 0.0
attribute ANCIL2_std_temp coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute ANCIL2_std_temp grid_mapping String crs
attribute ANCIL2_std_temp instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute ANCIL2_std_temp ioos_category String Currents
attribute ANCIL2_std_temp long_name String ANCILLARY_2_std_temp
attribute ANCIL2_std_temp missing_value double 1.0E38
attribute ANCIL2_std_temp platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute ANCIL2_std_temp standard_name String temperature_of_sensor_for_oxygen_in_sea_water
attribute ANCIL2_std_temp standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute ANCIL2_std_temp units String degree_Celsius
attribute ANCIL2_std_temp valid_max double 0.1820894
attribute ANCIL2_std_temp valid_min double 0.03356671
variable ANCIL2_std_heading   double  
attribute ANCIL2_std_heading _FillValue double -99999.0
attribute ANCIL2_std_heading actual_range double 0.024879999458789825, 71.35015106201172
attribute ANCIL2_std_heading C_format String %9.4f
attribute ANCIL2_std_heading colorBarMaximum double 150.0
attribute ANCIL2_std_heading colorBarMinimum double 0.0
attribute ANCIL2_std_heading coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute ANCIL2_std_heading grid_mapping String crs
attribute ANCIL2_std_heading instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute ANCIL2_std_heading ioos_category String Currents
attribute ANCIL2_std_heading long_name String ANCILLARY_2_std_heading
attribute ANCIL2_std_heading missing_value double 1.0E38
attribute ANCIL2_std_heading platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute ANCIL2_std_heading standard_name String platform_course
attribute ANCIL2_std_heading standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute ANCIL2_std_heading units String degree
attribute ANCIL2_std_heading valid_max double 107.4615
attribute ANCIL2_std_heading valid_min double 0.4272321
variable ANCIL2_std_pitch   double  
attribute ANCIL2_std_pitch _FillValue double -99999.0
attribute ANCIL2_std_pitch actual_range double 9.969209968386869E36, 9.969209968386869E36
attribute ANCIL2_std_pitch C_format String %9.4f
attribute ANCIL2_std_pitch colorBarMaximum double 2.0
attribute ANCIL2_std_pitch colorBarMinimum double 0.0
attribute ANCIL2_std_pitch coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute ANCIL2_std_pitch grid_mapping String crs
attribute ANCIL2_std_pitch instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute ANCIL2_std_pitch ioos_category String Currents
attribute ANCIL2_std_pitch long_name String ANCILLARY_2_std_pitch
attribute ANCIL2_std_pitch missing_value double 1.0E38
attribute ANCIL2_std_pitch platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute ANCIL2_std_pitch standard_name String platform_pitch_angle
attribute ANCIL2_std_pitch standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute ANCIL2_std_pitch units String degree
attribute ANCIL2_std_pitch valid_max double 1.487723
attribute ANCIL2_std_pitch valid_min double 0.233066
variable ANCIL2_std_roll   double  
attribute ANCIL2_std_roll _FillValue double -99999.0
attribute ANCIL2_std_roll actual_range double 9.969209968386869E36, 9.969209968386869E36
attribute ANCIL2_std_roll C_format String %9.4f
attribute ANCIL2_std_roll colorBarMaximum double 2.5
attribute ANCIL2_std_roll colorBarMinimum double 0.0
attribute ANCIL2_std_roll coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute ANCIL2_std_roll grid_mapping String crs
attribute ANCIL2_std_roll instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute ANCIL2_std_roll ioos_category String Currents
attribute ANCIL2_std_roll long_name String ANCILLARY_2_std_roll
attribute ANCIL2_std_roll missing_value double 1.0E38
attribute ANCIL2_std_roll platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute ANCIL2_std_roll standard_name String platform_roll_angle
attribute ANCIL2_std_roll standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute ANCIL2_std_roll units String degree
attribute ANCIL2_std_roll valid_max double 1.980745
attribute ANCIL2_std_roll valid_min double 0.3397417
variable ANCIL2_ocean_depth   short  
attribute ANCIL2_ocean_depth _FillValue short -999
attribute ANCIL2_ocean_depth actual_range short -32767, -32767
attribute ANCIL2_ocean_depth C_format String %d
attribute ANCIL2_ocean_depth colorBarMaximum double 8000.0
attribute ANCIL2_ocean_depth colorBarMinimum double -8000.0
attribute ANCIL2_ocean_depth colorBarPalette String TopographyDepth
attribute ANCIL2_ocean_depth coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute ANCIL2_ocean_depth grid_mapping String crs
attribute ANCIL2_ocean_depth instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute ANCIL2_ocean_depth ioos_category String Currents
attribute ANCIL2_ocean_depth long_name String ANCILLARY_2_ocean_depth
attribute ANCIL2_ocean_depth missing_value short 32767
attribute ANCIL2_ocean_depth platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute ANCIL2_ocean_depth positive String down
attribute ANCIL2_ocean_depth standard_name String depth
attribute ANCIL2_ocean_depth standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute ANCIL2_ocean_depth units String m
attribute ANCIL2_ocean_depth valid_max short 32767
attribute ANCIL2_ocean_depth valid_min short 32767
variable ANCIL2_max_amp_bin   short  
attribute ANCIL2_max_amp_bin _FillValue short -999
attribute ANCIL2_max_amp_bin actual_range short -32767, 69
attribute ANCIL2_max_amp_bin C_format String %d
attribute ANCIL2_max_amp_bin coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute ANCIL2_max_amp_bin grid_mapping String crs
attribute ANCIL2_max_amp_bin instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute ANCIL2_max_amp_bin ioos_category String Currents
attribute ANCIL2_max_amp_bin long_name String ANCILLARY_2_max_amp_bin
attribute ANCIL2_max_amp_bin missing_value short 32767
attribute ANCIL2_max_amp_bin platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute ANCIL2_max_amp_bin standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute ANCIL2_max_amp_bin valid_max short 32767
attribute ANCIL2_max_amp_bin valid_min short 32767
variable ANCIL2_last_good_bin   short  
attribute ANCIL2_last_good_bin _FillValue short -999
attribute ANCIL2_last_good_bin actual_range short 0, 70
attribute ANCIL2_last_good_bin C_format String %d
attribute ANCIL2_last_good_bin coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute ANCIL2_last_good_bin grid_mapping String crs
attribute ANCIL2_last_good_bin instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute ANCIL2_last_good_bin ioos_category String Currents
attribute ANCIL2_last_good_bin long_name String ANCILLARY_2_last_good_bin
attribute ANCIL2_last_good_bin missing_value short 32767
attribute ANCIL2_last_good_bin platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute ANCIL2_last_good_bin standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute ANCIL2_last_good_bin valid_max short 32767
attribute ANCIL2_last_good_bin valid_min short 32767
variable CONFIG1_avg_interval   double  
attribute CONFIG1_avg_interval _FillValue double -99999.0
attribute CONFIG1_avg_interval actual_range double 120.0, 120.0
attribute CONFIG1_avg_interval C_format String %9.4f
attribute CONFIG1_avg_interval colorBarMaximum double 315.0
attribute CONFIG1_avg_interval colorBarMinimum double 285.0
attribute CONFIG1_avg_interval coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute CONFIG1_avg_interval grid_mapping String crs
attribute CONFIG1_avg_interval instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute CONFIG1_avg_interval ioos_category String Currents
attribute CONFIG1_avg_interval long_name String CONFIGURATION_1_avg_interval
attribute CONFIG1_avg_interval missing_value double 1.0E38
attribute CONFIG1_avg_interval platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute CONFIG1_avg_interval standard_name String averaging_interval
attribute CONFIG1_avg_interval standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute CONFIG1_avg_interval units String s
attribute CONFIG1_avg_interval valid_max double 300.0
attribute CONFIG1_avg_interval valid_min double 300.0
variable CONFIG1_compensation   short  
attribute CONFIG1_compensation _FillValue short -999
attribute CONFIG1_compensation actual_range short 1, 1
attribute CONFIG1_compensation C_format String %d
attribute CONFIG1_compensation coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute CONFIG1_compensation grid_mapping String crs
attribute CONFIG1_compensation instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute CONFIG1_compensation ioos_category String Currents
attribute CONFIG1_compensation long_name String CONFIGURATION_1_compensation
attribute CONFIG1_compensation missing_value short 32767
attribute CONFIG1_compensation platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute CONFIG1_compensation standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute CONFIG1_compensation valid_max short 32767
attribute CONFIG1_compensation valid_min short 32767
variable CONFIG1_num_bins   short  
attribute CONFIG1_num_bins _FillValue short -999
attribute CONFIG1_num_bins actual_range short 70, 70
attribute CONFIG1_num_bins C_format String %d
attribute CONFIG1_num_bins coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute CONFIG1_num_bins grid_mapping String crs
attribute CONFIG1_num_bins instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute CONFIG1_num_bins ioos_category String Currents
attribute CONFIG1_num_bins long_name String CONFIGURATION_1_num_bins
attribute CONFIG1_num_bins missing_value short 32767
attribute CONFIG1_num_bins platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute CONFIG1_num_bins standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute CONFIG1_num_bins valid_max short 32767
attribute CONFIG1_num_bins valid_min short 32767
variable CONFIG1_tr_depth   double  
attribute CONFIG1_tr_depth _FillValue double -99999.0
attribute CONFIG1_tr_depth actual_range double 3.0, 3.0
attribute CONFIG1_tr_depth C_format String %9.4f
attribute CONFIG1_tr_depth colorBarMaximum double 3.1500000000000004
attribute CONFIG1_tr_depth colorBarMinimum double 2.85
attribute CONFIG1_tr_depth coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute CONFIG1_tr_depth grid_mapping String crs
attribute CONFIG1_tr_depth instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute CONFIG1_tr_depth ioos_category String Currents
attribute CONFIG1_tr_depth long_name String CONFIGURATION_1_Transducer depth, meters
attribute CONFIG1_tr_depth missing_value double 1.0E38
attribute CONFIG1_tr_depth platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute CONFIG1_tr_depth standard_name String transducer_depth
attribute CONFIG1_tr_depth standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute CONFIG1_tr_depth units String m
attribute CONFIG1_tr_depth valid_max double 3.0
attribute CONFIG1_tr_depth valid_min double 3.0
variable CONFIG1_bin_length   double  
attribute CONFIG1_bin_length _FillValue double -99999.0
attribute CONFIG1_bin_length actual_range double 2.0, 2.0
attribute CONFIG1_bin_length C_format String %9.4f
attribute CONFIG1_bin_length colorBarMaximum double 4.2
attribute CONFIG1_bin_length colorBarMinimum double 3.8000000000000003
attribute CONFIG1_bin_length coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute CONFIG1_bin_length grid_mapping String crs
attribute CONFIG1_bin_length instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute CONFIG1_bin_length ioos_category String Currents
attribute CONFIG1_bin_length long_name String CONFIGURATION_1_bin_length
attribute CONFIG1_bin_length missing_value double 1.0E38
attribute CONFIG1_bin_length platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute CONFIG1_bin_length standard_name String depth_cell_size
attribute CONFIG1_bin_length standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute CONFIG1_bin_length units String m
attribute CONFIG1_bin_length valid_max double 4.0
attribute CONFIG1_bin_length valid_min double 4.0
variable CONFIG1_pls_length   double  
attribute CONFIG1_pls_length _FillValue double -99999.0
attribute CONFIG1_pls_length actual_range double 2.009999990463257, 2.0199999809265137
attribute CONFIG1_pls_length C_format String %9.4f
attribute CONFIG1_pls_length colorBarMaximum double 4.172
attribute CONFIG1_pls_length colorBarMinimum double 4.158
attribute CONFIG1_pls_length coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute CONFIG1_pls_length grid_mapping String crs
attribute CONFIG1_pls_length instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute CONFIG1_pls_length ioos_category String Currents
attribute CONFIG1_pls_length long_name String CONFIGURATION_1_Pulse length projected(pls)_length
attribute CONFIG1_pls_length missing_value double 1.0E38
attribute CONFIG1_pls_length platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute CONFIG1_pls_length standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute CONFIG1_pls_length units String m
attribute CONFIG1_pls_length valid_max double 4.17
attribute CONFIG1_pls_length valid_min double 4.16
variable CONFIG1_blank_length   double  
attribute CONFIG1_blank_length _FillValue double -99999.0
attribute CONFIG1_blank_length actual_range double 2.0, 2.0
attribute CONFIG1_blank_length C_format String %9.4f
attribute CONFIG1_blank_length colorBarMaximum double 4.2
attribute CONFIG1_blank_length colorBarMinimum double 3.8000000000000003
attribute CONFIG1_blank_length coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute CONFIG1_blank_length grid_mapping String crs
attribute CONFIG1_blank_length instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute CONFIG1_blank_length ioos_category String Currents
attribute CONFIG1_blank_length long_name String CONFIGURATION_1_Distance from instrument to first depth cell measurement that is blanked
attribute CONFIG1_blank_length missing_value double 1.0E38
attribute CONFIG1_blank_length platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute CONFIG1_blank_length standard_name String blanking_length
attribute CONFIG1_blank_length standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute CONFIG1_blank_length units String m
attribute CONFIG1_blank_length valid_max double 4.0
attribute CONFIG1_blank_length valid_min double 4.0
variable CONFIG1_ping_interval   double  
attribute CONFIG1_ping_interval _FillValue double -99999.0
attribute CONFIG1_ping_interval actual_range double 0.7999871373176575, 1.5999443531036377
attribute CONFIG1_ping_interval C_format String %9.4f
attribute CONFIG1_ping_interval colorBarMaximum double 3.599915
attribute CONFIG1_ping_interval colorBarMinimum double 3.5998900000000003
attribute CONFIG1_ping_interval coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute CONFIG1_ping_interval grid_mapping String crs
attribute CONFIG1_ping_interval instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute CONFIG1_ping_interval ioos_category String Currents
attribute CONFIG1_ping_interval long_name String CONFIGURATION_1_ping_interval
attribute CONFIG1_ping_interval missing_value double 1.0E38
attribute CONFIG1_ping_interval platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute CONFIG1_ping_interval standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute CONFIG1_ping_interval units String s
attribute CONFIG1_ping_interval valid_max double 3.599912
attribute CONFIG1_ping_interval valid_min double 3.599892
variable CONFIG1_bot_track   short  
attribute CONFIG1_bot_track _FillValue short -999
attribute CONFIG1_bot_track actual_range short 1, 1
attribute CONFIG1_bot_track C_format String %d
attribute CONFIG1_bot_track coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute CONFIG1_bot_track grid_mapping String crs
attribute CONFIG1_bot_track instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute CONFIG1_bot_track ioos_category String Currents
attribute CONFIG1_bot_track long_name String CONFIGURATION_1_bot_track
attribute CONFIG1_bot_track missing_value short 32767
attribute CONFIG1_bot_track platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute CONFIG1_bot_track standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute CONFIG1_bot_track valid_max short 32767
attribute CONFIG1_bot_track valid_min short 32767
variable CONFIG1_pgs_ensemble   short  
attribute CONFIG1_pgs_ensemble _FillValue short -999
attribute CONFIG1_pgs_ensemble actual_range short 1, 1
attribute CONFIG1_pgs_ensemble C_format String %d
attribute CONFIG1_pgs_ensemble coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute CONFIG1_pgs_ensemble grid_mapping String crs
attribute CONFIG1_pgs_ensemble instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute CONFIG1_pgs_ensemble ioos_category String Currents
attribute CONFIG1_pgs_ensemble long_name String CONFIGURATION_1_pgs_ensemble
attribute CONFIG1_pgs_ensemble missing_value short 32767
attribute CONFIG1_pgs_ensemble platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute CONFIG1_pgs_ensemble standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute CONFIG1_pgs_ensemble valid_max short 32767
attribute CONFIG1_pgs_ensemble valid_min short 32767
variable CONFIG1_ens_threshold   short  
attribute CONFIG1_ens_threshold _FillValue short -999
attribute CONFIG1_ens_threshold actual_range short -32767, -32767
attribute CONFIG1_ens_threshold C_format String %d
attribute CONFIG1_ens_threshold coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute CONFIG1_ens_threshold grid_mapping String crs
attribute CONFIG1_ens_threshold instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute CONFIG1_ens_threshold ioos_category String Currents
attribute CONFIG1_ens_threshold long_name String CONFIGURATION_1_ens_threshold
attribute CONFIG1_ens_threshold missing_value short 32767
attribute CONFIG1_ens_threshold platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute CONFIG1_ens_threshold standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute CONFIG1_ens_threshold valid_max short 32767
attribute CONFIG1_ens_threshold valid_min short 32767
variable CONFIG1_ev_threshold   short  
attribute CONFIG1_ev_threshold _FillValue short -999
attribute CONFIG1_ev_threshold actual_range short 500, 500
attribute CONFIG1_ev_threshold C_format String %d
attribute CONFIG1_ev_threshold coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute CONFIG1_ev_threshold grid_mapping String crs
attribute CONFIG1_ev_threshold instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute CONFIG1_ev_threshold ioos_category String Currents
attribute CONFIG1_ev_threshold long_name String CONFIGURATION_1_ev_threshold
attribute CONFIG1_ev_threshold missing_value short 32767
attribute CONFIG1_ev_threshold platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute CONFIG1_ev_threshold standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute CONFIG1_ev_threshold units String mm s-1
attribute CONFIG1_ev_threshold valid_max short 32767
attribute CONFIG1_ev_threshold valid_min short 32767
variable CONFIG1_hd_offset   double  
attribute CONFIG1_hd_offset _FillValue double -99999.0
attribute CONFIG1_hd_offset actual_range double 45.29999923706055, 45.29999923706055
attribute CONFIG1_hd_offset C_format String %9.4f
attribute CONFIG1_hd_offset colorBarMaximum double 1.2
attribute CONFIG1_hd_offset colorBarMinimum double 1.1
attribute CONFIG1_hd_offset coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute CONFIG1_hd_offset grid_mapping String crs
attribute CONFIG1_hd_offset instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute CONFIG1_hd_offset ioos_category String Currents
attribute CONFIG1_hd_offset long_name String CONFIGURATION_1_heading_offset
attribute CONFIG1_hd_offset missing_value double 1.0E38
attribute CONFIG1_hd_offset platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute CONFIG1_hd_offset standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute CONFIG1_hd_offset units String degree
attribute CONFIG1_hd_offset valid_max double 1.15
attribute CONFIG1_hd_offset valid_min double 1.15
variable CONFIG1_pit_offset   double  
attribute CONFIG1_pit_offset _FillValue double -99999.0
attribute CONFIG1_pit_offset actual_range double 9.969209968386869E36, 9.969209968386869E36
attribute CONFIG1_pit_offset C_format String %9.4f
attribute CONFIG1_pit_offset colorBarMaximum double 1.06E38
attribute CONFIG1_pit_offset colorBarMinimum double 9.400000000000001E37
attribute CONFIG1_pit_offset coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute CONFIG1_pit_offset grid_mapping String crs
attribute CONFIG1_pit_offset instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute CONFIG1_pit_offset ioos_category String Currents
attribute CONFIG1_pit_offset long_name String CONFIGURATION_1_pitch_offset
attribute CONFIG1_pit_offset missing_value double 1.0E38
attribute CONFIG1_pit_offset platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute CONFIG1_pit_offset standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute CONFIG1_pit_offset units String degree
attribute CONFIG1_pit_offset valid_max double 1.0E38
attribute CONFIG1_pit_offset valid_min double 1.0E38
variable CONFIG1_rol_offset   double  
attribute CONFIG1_rol_offset _FillValue double -99999.0
attribute CONFIG1_rol_offset actual_range double 9.969209968386869E36, 9.969209968386869E36
attribute CONFIG1_rol_offset C_format String %9.4f
attribute CONFIG1_rol_offset colorBarMaximum double 1.06E38
attribute CONFIG1_rol_offset colorBarMinimum double 9.400000000000001E37
attribute CONFIG1_rol_offset coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute CONFIG1_rol_offset grid_mapping String crs
attribute CONFIG1_rol_offset instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute CONFIG1_rol_offset ioos_category String Currents
attribute CONFIG1_rol_offset long_name String CONFIGURATION_1_roll_offset
attribute CONFIG1_rol_offset missing_value double 1.0E38
attribute CONFIG1_rol_offset platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute CONFIG1_rol_offset standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute CONFIG1_rol_offset units String degree
attribute CONFIG1_rol_offset valid_max double 1.0E38
attribute CONFIG1_rol_offset valid_min double 1.0E38
variable CONFIG1_freq_transmit   double  
attribute CONFIG1_freq_transmit _FillValue double -99999.0
attribute CONFIG1_freq_transmit actual_range double 300000.0, 300000.0
attribute CONFIG1_freq_transmit C_format String %9.4f
attribute CONFIG1_freq_transmit colorBarMaximum double 80000.0
attribute CONFIG1_freq_transmit colorBarMinimum double 70000.0
attribute CONFIG1_freq_transmit coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute CONFIG1_freq_transmit grid_mapping String crs
attribute CONFIG1_freq_transmit instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute CONFIG1_freq_transmit ioos_category String Currents
attribute CONFIG1_freq_transmit long_name String CONFIGURATION_1_freq_transmit
attribute CONFIG1_freq_transmit missing_value double 1.0E38
attribute CONFIG1_freq_transmit platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute CONFIG1_freq_transmit standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute CONFIG1_freq_transmit units String Hz
attribute CONFIG1_freq_transmit valid_max double 75000.0
attribute CONFIG1_freq_transmit valid_min double 75000.0
variable CONFIG1_top_ref_bin   short  
attribute CONFIG1_top_ref_bin _FillValue short -999
attribute CONFIG1_top_ref_bin actual_range short 2, 2
attribute CONFIG1_top_ref_bin C_format String %d
attribute CONFIG1_top_ref_bin coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute CONFIG1_top_ref_bin grid_mapping String crs
attribute CONFIG1_top_ref_bin instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute CONFIG1_top_ref_bin ioos_category String Currents
attribute CONFIG1_top_ref_bin long_name String CONFIGURATION_1_top_ref_bin
attribute CONFIG1_top_ref_bin missing_value short 32767
attribute CONFIG1_top_ref_bin platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute CONFIG1_top_ref_bin standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute CONFIG1_top_ref_bin valid_max short 32767
attribute CONFIG1_top_ref_bin valid_min short 32767
variable CONFIG1_bot_ref_bin   short  
attribute CONFIG1_bot_ref_bin _FillValue short -999
attribute CONFIG1_bot_ref_bin actual_range short 20, 20
attribute CONFIG1_bot_ref_bin C_format String %d
attribute CONFIG1_bot_ref_bin coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute CONFIG1_bot_ref_bin grid_mapping String crs
attribute CONFIG1_bot_ref_bin instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute CONFIG1_bot_ref_bin ioos_category String Currents
attribute CONFIG1_bot_ref_bin long_name String CONFIGURATION_1_bot_ref_bin
attribute CONFIG1_bot_ref_bin missing_value short 32767
attribute CONFIG1_bot_ref_bin platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute CONFIG1_bot_ref_bin standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute CONFIG1_bot_ref_bin valid_max short 32767
attribute CONFIG1_bot_ref_bin valid_min short 32767
variable CONFIG1_heading_bias   double  
attribute CONFIG1_heading_bias _FillValue double -99999.0
attribute CONFIG1_heading_bias actual_range double 0.0, 0.0
attribute CONFIG1_heading_bias C_format String %9.4f
attribute CONFIG1_heading_bias colorBarMaximum double 0.1
attribute CONFIG1_heading_bias colorBarMinimum double -0.1
attribute CONFIG1_heading_bias coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute CONFIG1_heading_bias grid_mapping String crs
attribute CONFIG1_heading_bias instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute CONFIG1_heading_bias ioos_category String Currents
attribute CONFIG1_heading_bias long_name String CONFIGURATION_1_heading_bias
attribute CONFIG1_heading_bias missing_value double 1.0E38
attribute CONFIG1_heading_bias platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute CONFIG1_heading_bias standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute CONFIG1_heading_bias units String degree
attribute CONFIG1_heading_bias valid_max double 0.0
attribute CONFIG1_heading_bias valid_min double 0.0
variable BT_u   double  
attribute BT_u _FillValue double -99999.0
attribute BT_u actual_range double -31.202131271362305, 1.416062355041504
attribute BT_u C_format String %9.4f
attribute BT_u colorBarMaximum double 1.06E38
attribute BT_u colorBarMinimum double 9.400000000000001E37
attribute BT_u coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute BT_u grid_mapping String crs
attribute BT_u instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute BT_u ioos_category String Currents
attribute BT_u long_name String BOTTOM_TRACK_u
attribute BT_u missing_value double 9.969209968386869E36
attribute BT_u platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute BT_u standard_name String platform_eastward_velocity_wrt_ground 
attribute BT_u standard_name_url String 
attribute BT_u units String m s-1
attribute BT_u valid_max double 1.0E38
attribute BT_u valid_min double 1.0E38
variable BT_v   double  
attribute BT_v _FillValue double -99999.0
attribute BT_v actual_range double -13.436493873596191, 15.656750679016113
attribute BT_v C_format String %9.4f
attribute BT_v colorBarMaximum double 1.06E38
attribute BT_v colorBarMinimum double 9.400000000000001E37
attribute BT_v coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute BT_v grid_mapping String crs
attribute BT_v instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute BT_v ioos_category String Currents
attribute BT_v long_name String BOTTOM_TRACK_v
attribute BT_v missing_value double 9.969209968386869E36
attribute BT_v platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute BT_v standard_name String platform_northward_velocity_wrt_ground 
attribute BT_v standard_name_url String 
attribute BT_v units String m s-1
attribute BT_v valid_max double 1.0E38
attribute BT_v valid_min double 1.0E38
variable BT_depth   double  
attribute BT_depth _FillValue double -99999.0
attribute BT_depth actual_range double 1.4258304834365845, 128.74916076660156
attribute BT_depth C_format String %9.4f
attribute BT_depth colorBarMaximum double 8000.0
attribute BT_depth colorBarMinimum double -8000.0
attribute BT_depth colorBarPalette String TopographyDepth
attribute BT_depth coverage_content_type String physicalMeasurement
attribute BT_depth grid_mapping String crs
attribute BT_depth instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute BT_depth ioos_category String Currents
attribute BT_depth long_name String BOTTOM_TRACK_depth
attribute BT_depth missing_value double 9.969209968386869E36
attribute BT_depth platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute BT_depth positive String down
attribute BT_depth standard_name String depth
attribute BT_depth standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute BT_depth units String m
attribute BT_depth valid_max double 9.969209968386869E36
attribute BT_depth valid_min double 1.4258304834365845
variable flag   short  
attribute flag _FillValue short -999
attribute flag actual_range short 0, 6
attribute flag colorBarMaximum double 150.0
attribute flag colorBarMinimum double 0.0
attribute flag coverage_content_type String qualityInformation
attribute flag grid_mapping String crs
attribute flag instrument String ADCP-75kHz
attribute flag ioos_category String Quality
attribute flag long_name String quality flag (0 = good)
attribute flag missing_value short 32767
attribute flag platform String RV_Point_Sur
attribute flag standard_name String quality_flag
attribute flag standard_name_url String (external link)
attribute flag valid_max short 6
attribute flag valid_min short 0
variable platform   char  
attribute platform actual_range char \u0000, \u0000
attribute platform call_sign String WDI6566
attribute platform ioos_category String Unknown
attribute platform long_name String RV_Point_Sur
variable instrument   char  
attribute instrument actual_range char \u0000, \u0000
attribute instrument ioos_category String Unknown
attribute instrument long_name String ADCP-75kHz
attribute instrument make_model String RDI
variable instrument1   char  
attribute instrument1 actual_range char \u0000, \u0000
attribute instrument1 ioos_category String Unknown
attribute instrument1 long_name String ADCP-300kHz
attribute instrument1 make_model String RDI
variable crs   int  
attribute crs _FillValue int -999
attribute crs epsg_code String EPSG:4326
attribute crs grid_mapping_name String latitude_longitude
attribute crs inverse_flattening double 298.257223563
attribute crs ioos_category String Unknown
attribute crs long_name String CRS
attribute crs longitude_of_prime_meridian double 0.0
attribute crs semi_major_axis double 6378137.0

The information in the table above is also available in other file formats (.csv, .htmlTable, .itx, .json, .jsonlCSV1, .jsonlCSV, .jsonlKVP, .mat, .nc, .nccsv, .tsv, .xhtml) via a RESTful web service.

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