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griddap Subset tabledap Make A Graph wms files Title Summary FGDC ISO 19115 Info Background Info RSS Email Institution Dataset ID TimeSeries - R4.x265.238.0003 - LAI02000 - 29.27N, 89.95W - 2017-04-07 This dataset is a part of SPLASH (Submesoscale Processes and Lagrangian Analysis on the SHelf) experiment. The dataset contains current velocity profiles and backscatter data obtained by moored acoustic Doppler current profilers (ADCP) at 2 inlets of Barataria Bay in the Gulf of Mexico from 2017-04-09 to 2017-05-06.\n\ncdm_data_type = TimeSeriesProfile\nVARIABLES:\nstation (LAI02000)\ntime (seconds since 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z)\nlatitude (degrees_north)\nlongitude (degrees_east)\ndepth (m)\ndepth_of_mooring (m)\nnumber_of_depth_cells\ndepth_cells_number (Number of depth cells)\nmeasurement_units (measurement unit)\nvelocity_reference\nechoUnits (echo scale factor)\necho_scale_factor (echo/intensity scale factor, dB/count)\nsound_absorption_factor (dB/m)\nzonal_sea_water_velocity (Zonal velocity, cm s-1)\nmeridional_sea_water_velocity (meridional velocity, cm s-1)\nvertical_sea_water_velocity (vertical velocity, cm s-1)\npercent_good (percent)\nplatform (Mooring)\ninstrument (ADCP)\ncrs (grid mapping variable for horizontal spatial coordinate reference system (CRS))\n (external link) University of Florida / Civil and Coastal Engineering R4_x265_238_0003_LAI02000

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